Seethadevi girls college has started as a primary school in 18th January 1980 at Pushparama temple Mulgampola, Kandy. There were 18 girls at the beginning of the school. The first principal was Miss. M.D. Karaunathissa. The first staff was,

Mrs. Sumana Perera.
Miss. N.S. Jayawardana
Mrs. S.Bogahawatta.
Mrs. E.K. Wijesundara.

The staff and Mr. and Mrs. Dissanayaka have helped them from the beginning. The school was opened by the governor of the North Central Province – E.L. Senanayaka.


After few years Mr. E.l. Senanayaka has donated his official residence as a school building. Then he handed over that building and the land to the Education department and it became Seeethadevi Girls College.

In 1984 and 1986 they built two storied building and "Gnanapradeepa" memorial building. From the beginning of tha school the ministry of Kandy district (Ministry of constitution) Mr. Harindranath Dunuvila and the former president Mr. D.B. Wijwthunga have helped a lot to develop the school.

After central provincial council was appointed this school got a lot of facilities under no developing school project which was hanled by Mr. W.P.B. Dissanayaka.

In 1990, they built "Gnanapradeepa"Mahapola building and also restored the old building spending seven lakhs. During this year, they got a main hall with a stage, a hall for the classrooms and instruments for the western band.